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For workgroup computing, the Sun Enterprise UltraTM 5S server is a cost-effective, fast, PCI-based system that connects to any network using Solaris for IntranetsTM software. Easy to use, it is designed around standard components and powered by Sun's scalable SolarisTM operating environment. The Sun Enterprise Ultra 5S server is an excellent choice for MIS departments that need to reduce costs and save space. Its affordable price and flexible growth path make it an excellent Web or dedicated application server that supports e-mail, print, and file requirements. And all Sun servers and software are Year 2000 compliant.

Features Benefits
UltraSPARC-IIi Processor
Integrated VIS instruction set Ready for increased performance on multimedia and networking operations
Utilizes the latest 0.35-micron process technology which greatly decreases the die size Results in a significant increase in performance and a decrease in power consumption (due to a lower core voltage of 2.5 volts)
CPU is mounted on field-installable module card with associated UPA data buffers and 256 KB of external cache Facilitates easy system service
Low-cost, industry-standard memory modules Cost effective, allowing customers to move up to higher levels of memory at a low cost
ECC memory Superior error correction and system reliability, superior parity error correction
9.1 GB EIDE internal disk drive More capacity -- faster drive
Photo-CD compatible internal 32X-speed CD-ROM drive Faster Drive
24-Bit on-board graphics Better graphics without card
Solaris Installation & Administration
With SolarisTM 2.5.1, 2.6 and 7 operating environment, every Sun server comes available with SolarisTM Web Start for fast network-based installation of the Solaris operating environment Eases and speeds the installation of Solaris on hosts and clients
Includes Solstice AdminSuiteTM, which provides a consistent, easy-to-use, graphical interface for common system administration functions. Includes a User Manager for managing user accounts, a Database Manager for manipulating Solaris administration data, a Host Manager for connecting client systems to the network, a Software Manager for controlling installation of Solaris software packages, a Serial Port Manager for managing serial ports remotely, and a Print Manager for network printing. Eases system administration
Includes AnswerBookTM for on-line network access to all SunTM manuals, including browse and network print capability Speeds access to information, reduces cost
Solstice SunNet ManagerTM enables administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of LANs and WANs Remote monitoring and control of networks lowers costs, increases uptime
Third-party network and system management tools provide administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting tools for distributed systems Users have a choice of network management solutions
Solaris Compatibility
Solaris operating environment is binary-compatible across all SPARCTM platforms, from desktops to enterprise servers Allows customers to deploy systems with confidence, knowing their applications can grow and their investment in network technology, software, and training will be protected
Solaris operating environment is supported on SPARC, x86, and PowerPC platforms Makes it easy to deploy on other platforms the applications developed on SPARC platforms
The Sun Enterprise Ultra 5S server runs Sun's powerful and dependable Solaris network operating system, and is 100% binary compatible with all software that runs on Sun's Enterprise 1-6000 server family Runs over 12,000 of the most extensively tested, highest quality software packages available today for both commercial and technical applications
Solaris Performance and Scalability
Outstanding performance and functionality in a variety of application areas, including database, networking, groupware, and multiuser business applications Provides maximum productivity for individuals and workgroups
Multithreading Enables a single application to be partitioned into independent components that can be executed simultaneously, reducing response time and increasing throughput
Solaris Reliability
Proven and reliable network operating systems Maximum uptime for running business-critical applications
Low-Cost Data Management and Backup
Solstice DiskSuiteTM provides data redundancy and enhanced disk system performance using RAID technology Increases data availability and speeds systems through put
Journaling File System improves performance of directory operations and reduces file system check times during system restarts Enhances system throughput and increases system availability
Solstice BackupTM automates network backup, recovery, and media management Simplifies data administration, improves data security and availability
Global Networking and Resource Sharing
Connectivity for TCP/IP, NFS, NetWare, IPX/SPX, LAN Manager, and AppleTalk Ensures complete corporate-wide connectivity and integration
NFSTM Provides easy transparent network access to remote file systems, applications, and data on heterogeneous computer systems
Simple Key Management for IP is a standard protocol that provides privacy and authentication services for data over the network Allows for secure communications over the Internet or intranet, without requiring any changes to the application
Internet Services
WebNFSTM is a robust and scalable file system that enables users to quickly access and share files over the web Enables users to quickly access and share files over the web
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allows administrators to easily add clients to the intranet by dynamically assigning IP addresses Eliminates need for administrator to assign IP addresses manually to each client
HotJavaTM Browser provides an easy-to-use, customizable user interface. Provides easy-to-use interface for installing software, performing web-based admin tasks, and accessing data over the Web
Sun WebServerTM Provides fast response for accessing data over the Internet or when performing Web-based administration tasks


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