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Nationwide Value Computer is leading provider of Cisco equipment. We look to provide you with new and refurbished Cisco products configured to meet the needs of your business. We offer a 30 day warranty on all purchases.

For all of your Cisco needs contact us at 610-277-6500 or toll free at 1-877-744-5767. You can also fill out the form below and a sales rep will contact you shortly.

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    Cisco Firewall
    PIX-501 AC Adapter 34-1776-01
    PIX-1FE PIX 10/100 Fast Ethernet interface
    PIX-1GE Single Gigabit Ethernet Interface for PIX Firewall
    PIX-1GE-66 66MHz Gigabit Ethernet Interface, Multimode
    PIX-4FE PIX Four-port 10/100 Ethernet interface, RJ45
    PIX-4FE-66 66-MHz Four-Port 10/100 Fast Ethenet
    PIX 501 Firewall
    PIX-501-50-BUN-K8 PIX 501-50 DES Bundle
    PIX-501-50-BUN-K9 PIX 501-50 3DES Bundle
    PIX-501-BUN-K8 PIX 501 DES Bundle
    PIX-501-BUN-K9 PIX 501 3DES Bundle
    PIX-501-PWR-AC PIX 501 spare AC power supply
    PIX-501-UL-BUN-K9 PIX 501-UL Bundle
    PIX-501-VPN-3DES PIX 501 3DES/AES VPN/SSH/SSL encryption license
    PIX-506-PWR-AC PIX 506 spare AC power supply
    PIX-506E PIX 506E (Chassis, two 10BaseT ports)
    PIX-506E-BUN-K9 PIX 506E 3DES/AES Bundle (C
    PIX-506E-PWR-AC PIX 506E spare AC power supply
    PIX-515 Front Bezel / Cover
    PIX-515-DC-R-BUN PIX 515-R DC Bundle (Chassis, R , two 10/100 ports) PIX-515
    PIX-515-FO-BUN PIX 515FO Bundle (Chassis, failover SW, 2 FE ports)
    PIX-515-HW PIX 515/515E rack mounts, console cable, failover cable
    PIX-515-MEM-32 PIX 515/515E 32MB RAM memory upgrade (UR only)
    PIX-515-MEM-64 PIX-515-MEM-64
    PIX-515-PWR-AC PIX 515/515E spare AC power supply
    PIX-515-R-BUN PIX 515R Bundle (Chassis, restricted SW, 2 FE ports)
    PIX-515-R-DMZ-BUN PIX 515R DMZ Bundle (Chassis, restricted SW, 3 FE ports)


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